Re: Media biasness reporting crashes?

From:         Pete Mellor <>
Date:         10 Feb 96 12:30:52 
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Adrian Phillips <> writes (08 Feb 96 03:21:05):-

> ... When the media reports the crash of a foriegn built aircraft
> ... the report is "the crash of a Russian built Antonov
> aircraft" with special note of the country of manufacture. On the other
> hand, crashes of North American built aircraft state " the crash of a
> Boeing 757" with no mention of the country of manufacture.
> If this is really a trend, what are the possible reasons for it and can
> it really be justified???

As they say: "Nobody ever got rich by over-estimating the intelligence
of the public!"  (Note: I don't say *which* public! :-)

Perhaps the editors know that the public they are aiming at can be
relied upon to know that Boeing are based in the USA, but wouldn't
know an Antonov from a Fokker (and come to that, I didn't know that
Fokker were Dutch until they went bust! :-)

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