Re: Dornier 328

From: (Patrick Magee)
Organization: Teleport - Portland's Public Access (503) 220-1016
Date:         13 Sep 96 03:03:38 
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Brian Harding <> wrote:

>I recently got my first close look "through the fence" at a Dornier 328
>at MHT.
>I was quite impressed with the aircraft, it seems like a nice little
>commuter. It seemed very quiet.
>I have not read or heard much about the 328. Anyone out there who could
>comment on how the 328 is doing in service, how it is to pilot or fly.
Horizon Airlines is replacing their 328's with Dash-8's. Some comments
I have heard:

1. Directional stability problems at touchdown (gear too close

2. FAA is requiring 5 point harness on first row of seats due to
proximity to bulkhead.

3. Performance not up to specifications (speed and dispatch

On a more positive note, my aunt (who is scared spitless to fly)
recently flew with Horizon on a 328 from Seattle to Eugene and was
quite impressed with the "little airplane".