Re: Media biasness reporting crashes?

From: (Bill Candee)
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Date:         10 Feb 96 12:30:52 
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  or MIME structure (Adrian C Phillips) wrote:

>Is it my imagination or have I really noticed the following trend.  When
>the media reports the crash of a foriegn built aircraft such as the
>recent crash in Zaire the report is "the crash of a Russian built Antonov
>aircraft" with special note of the country of manufacture.  On the other
>hand, crashes of North American built aircraft state " the crash of a
>Boeing 757" with no mention of the country of manufacture.

>If this is really a trend, what are the possible reasons for it and can
>it really be justified???

	Sure.  More people  (everyone?) in the U.S. know who Boeing is and
that it's an American company.  Fewer "civilians" know what Antonov
is.  To say "An American-made Boeing 7X7 crashed today while being
operated by a fly-by-night Eastern European bunch of yokels" is