Re: Over-head Bins

From:         Dan Auslander <>
Organization: Bowling Green State University
Date:         13 Sep 96 03:03:37 
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Richard Artus wrote:
>   Have any airliner interior designers considered putting the overhead
> bins at floor level and mounting the seats on top of those bins.
>   Seems to me this would solve several problems.  One passengers would not
> have to lift heavy items up into sometimes difficult overhead locations.
> Also in turbulence those items that often fly out of overhead bins would
> already be at floor level and possibly not nearly as much of a hazard.
>   I realize making a floor level bin structurally strong enough to mount
> seats on top of them would be a bit of a challenge but couldn't something
> like this be done?
> Dick Artus

This could be done, however, it would be a massive waste of space.  Most
airliners, especially narrowbodies, are designed to have the widest part
of the fuselage at waist to shoulder height, in order to maximize
comfort and width available for seating.  Were you to mount the seats on
bins, either the floor would have to be lowered to allow for the seats
to remain at the ideal level, causing a loss of cargo space, or the
seats would have to be mounted higher, causing the sidewalls to curve
into the uper body space of the outside passengers.  The space above the
seats is too shallow and narrow to be usable for much else, hence
baggage bins are placed there to use what would otherwise be wasted

Dan Auslander
Commercial Pilot, ASMEL-IA   C-182 N3292S