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From: (Jim Bowery)
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Date:         13 Sep 96 03:03:37 
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The oblique flying wing SST (aka oblique all wing SST) is still my
favorite even though its primary proponent and inventor, R.T. Jones, has
given up on the entire idea of supersonic civil transport as an economic
mode of travel.  The typical designs are clearly too fuel inefficient to
make it and Jones thinks that even his Mach 1.5-2.0 design can't be made
with low enough drag (already much lower than other concepts).  He says
just invest the money in making the 747 more pleasant for long-durations.

Jones worked on this thing for most of his life.  It is sad to see him
flirt with defeat.  The detractors of the OFW must be feeling mixed
emotions about the situation (although I'm sure a few are quite

A colleague and I have found what we believe is a modification (obvious in
 retrospect, of course) that renders an OFW transpacific airfare about half
the cost that Jones thought would be the economic limit.  The other
disadvantages of the OFW may kill it anyway, but I don't see
any reason to believe that fuel costs will be the show-stopper that Jones
currently thinks they will.
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