Re: Takeoff wheel spin

From:         Robert Moore <>
Organization: Semi-Retired
Date:         13 Sep 96 03:03:34 
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Kim Hackett wrote:

> There is no retardation of the wheel that I know of.
> I think it is ok for them to be spinning when they
> enter the wheel well.
> I suppose the pilot could touch the brakes after
> lift off to stop the wheels from spinning.

Why in the world would someone with absolutely NO knowledge of the subject
at hand want to post BS such as this.

Having flown various Boeing and Lockheed jet transports for over 25 years,
they ALL had a auto-brake system on the main gear and rub strips on the
nose gear. Pilots were forbidden from using the regular brakes due to the
possibility of breaking the tire/wheel seal.

Sheeeesh!!  Save us from the Internet.

Bob Moore
USN/PANAM (retired)