Re: Can't use GPS on Alaska Airlines

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Date:         13 Sep 96 03:03:33 
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>>the RF comes from crystal oscillators in the CD players and in
the FM sets.<<

True as I understand it.  The problem is also that while you may
say, "hey my [device] doesn't transmit on 108.0-135.0 mhz, so
what's the problem" The problem is that the intermediate
frequency occilators on them operates at a frequency or harmonic
that can disturb the on board radios.

The ancidotal evidence  comes in to play when you have
combinations of devices operating at the same time. There are
stories of unusual naviagaion tracking behavior and when all
computers, etc were asked to be switched off, it stopped. Since
no one could possibly test the effect all combinations of devices
might have, you've got to draw the line somewhere.  So, those
devices that emit some level of RF are prohibited, (cell phones,
TV's Radios, etc.) while other deices that might in some strange
combination with some other unknown devices are limited to
operation above 10,000 feet.
McDonnell Douglas came out with the CD bulliten last year some
time.  In this litigeous world would anybody be fool enough to
ingore a warning such as that?????  don't bet the company.

A320 Pilot