Re: A/C Nicknames (was Re: Boeing Pronunciation)

From:         "David G. Davidson" <>
Date:         07 Sep 96 17:09:14 
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We called the DC-8's "Pterodactyls". Hope that's spelled right. My five
year old isn't here to help me with dinosaur spellings.

Seems the maintenance people I work with call the Boeings two-seven,
three-seven, five-seven, and six-seven. The ops types call them
seven-twos, seven-threes, seven-fives and seven-sixes. Whatever.

The L-1011s are called "L10s", "Lemons", "Tritanics". "Ahead of its
time" is the best thing to call it.

I don't recall any names for the DC-10s, though "Junk" would be

The only name I recall for the Airbus is "Scare Bus".

The MD-88s are "Mad Dogs","Yugo Jets","Long Beach Sewer Pipes","Overtime

The MD-90s are "Mighty Dogs" and MD90 means "Minimum Delay, 90 minutes".
Interestingly enough there haven't been that many nicknames coined for
them yet. The teething pains of this airplane are much worse than that
of the 88.