Re: TWA 800 downed by US Navy?

From:         "Dave Starr" <>
Organization: Base Exterminator - Outta Here, Rodent!
Date:         07 Sep 96 17:09:13 
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Adrie Tanis <> wrote in article
> As far as I know, there was a Navy exercise going on at the time the
> aircraft went down.....<snip>In the past civil aircraft have been
> brought down before by navy ships. Suppose it happened again....
> <snip>No one has ever asked this question.

Aviation Week and Space Technology magazine (believe it was the July 29th
issue) addressed this question.  According to AWST, NORAD DSP missile
warning satellite(s) (infrared detection technology) observed the
explosion of TWA 800.  The NORAD sensors did not reveal any missile
launches prior to the flight 800 explosion.  AWST stated that NORAD
computer data had been made available to the NTSB for further analysis,
but the fact that the pre-crash event was observed and no missile launch
activity was observed makes the missile theory quite far-fetched.