Re: TWA 800 downed by US Navy?

From:         Ken <>
Organization: University of North Texas
Date:         07 Sep 96 17:09:12 
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About TWA Flight 800:
The only other B-747 that I know of to suffer a catastrophic wing
failure due to an explosion in the fuel tank was an Iranian Air Force
flight in 1976 near Madrid, Spain (NTSB published a special report).
The explosion was due to a lightning strike which arced in one of the
tanks and caused the highly-combustible Jet B (aka JP-4) fuel vapors to

I tend to believe strongly that foul play was involved in the TWA
explosion which carried much less volatile Jet A fuel.  However any of
the fuels will ignite if misting. As for the fuel pumps, they are of the
submerged type and should not cause an explosion even with strong arcing
and the remaining unusable fuel in the tank.  This is the first fatal
crash that has had TWA since 1974. The missile theory, while it would
exonerate TWA, remains a very scary possibilty.

Ken Madden