Re: Procedure after Engine Fire Warning

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Date:         07 Sep 96 17:09:12 
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>As a practicing aeronautical engineer I am debating with my Operations
>colleagues the correct procedure in response to an Engine Fire Warning
>if the warning goes away prior to shutting the engine down.

Interesting question. Suppose the warning lasts for only 1/2 second? Is
that different fundamentally from a warning that lasts until an instant
prior to the pilot cutting fuel to the engine? No one likes to give up a
good engine; but if one is going to disregard established procedure, it
ought not be a frivolous decision...

The checklist on my current aircraft (SF-340) calls for a shutdown and
extinguisher discharge, followed by a landing at the nearest suitable
airport in point of time at which a safe landing can be conducted.
However, it may be prudent under adverse conditions (far from a suitable
airport, poor weather, other mechanical problems, etc.) to reduce power
and keep the engine operating until the plane is on the ground. One must
think before pulling levers and not make a bad situation worse...

Philip Collier

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