Re: Procedure after Engine Fire Warning

From:         Art Intemann <>
Organization: Earthlink Network, Inc.
Date:         07 Sep 96 17:09:12 
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> As a practicing aeronautical engineer I am debating with my Operations
> colleagues the correct procedure in response to an Engine Fire Warning if the
> warning goes away prior to shutting the engine down. My view would be that
> you shut down anyway and isolate fuel, hydraulics etc.

Good choice.
> My pilot friends say
> if the warning goes away at idle it was just a hot gas leak and they would
> continue with that engine at idle. Any views?

That was the procedure in the C5A.  Then one day, the bleed air leak burned
through the cowling on the side opposite to the fuselage (thus not visible).
The potential for far more serious consequences in this event lead to a re-write
of the procedure, dictating a shutdown in this event if the engine is not
required for continued flight.  Most procedures are rewritten +after+ the
unthinkable catastrophic failure occurs.

> Does it make a difference how many engines you have?