Re: Procedure after Engine Fire Warning

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Date:         07 Sep 96 17:09:12 
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>As a practicing aeronautical engineer I am debating with my Operations
>colleagues the correct procedure in response to an Engine Fire Warning if the
>warning goes away prior to shutting the engine down. My view would be that
>you shut down anyway and isolate fuel, hydraulics etc. My pilot friends say
>if the warning goes away at idle it was just a hot gas leak and they would
>continue with that engine at idle. Any views?

This very scenario happened to me not long ago.  Right as the PF called
for "Flaps up, Quiet EPR", the #3 engine fire bell sounded.  Once #3 was
pulled back to Quiet (1.7) EPR, the warning ceased.  Now at this point, a
couple of possible situations may exist.  There may have been a bleed air
leak which caused the warning, as stated above.  However, there may have
actually been a fire, and that fire had destroyed the loops, which caused
the fire warning to cease.  So, we tested both sets of  loops on #3, and
both still tested properly.  Verdict: Bleed air leak.

ATP/FE, Boeing 727
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