Re: Takeoff wheel spin

From:         "Stuart Law" <>
Organization: Stuart W. Law Co
Date:         07 Sep 96 17:09:10 
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JbTex <> wrote in article
> When jet airliners take off, they seem to tuck their
> landing gear away soon after liftoff.  Is any retardation
> applied to the spinning wheels before they're
> lifted into their stowage position?  Or can they
> still be spinning after they're up?

There is not any regulatory requirement for "spin-down", but it is a
feature of the "Anti-Skid" systems on all the transport airplanes I know
about.  I just read of an incident where a pilot took off with Anti-Skid
and forgot to manually hit the brakes before retracting the gear and did
some substantial damage to the wheel well plumbing and systems.

Stuart Law