Re: Takeoff wheel spin

From:         Dale Thompson <>
Organization: InternetMCI
Date:         07 Sep 96 17:09:09 
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  or MIME structure (JbTex) wrote:
>When jet airliners take off, they seem to tuck their
>landing gear away soon after liftoff.  Is any retardation
>applied to the spinning wheels before they're
>lifted into their stowage position?  Or can they
>still be spinning after they're up?

I can't speak for all aircraft.But as an aircraft technician on the DC9,
as the gear is raised a certain ammount of hydraulic pressure is applied
to the main landing gear brakes to stop their rotation.That is done through
the landing gear control valve sequence, not something the crew has to
do.  That is designed to prevent any gyroscopic forces the tire/wheel
assy. may cause as the gear is retracted. The nose landing gear wheel well
has a row of bumpers that the tire hits and subsequently stops it's