Re: Diesel aircraft engines

From:         Steve Lacker <>
Organization: applied research laboratories
Date:         07 Sep 96 17:09:08 
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John Meyer wrote:
> Gerard Foley <> wrote:

> The fuel used was a gas resembling propane called BLAUGAS.
> roughly the same as air, so as it was consumed it had no effect
> on the weight of the ship. The HINDENBURG carried roughly a million
> cubic feet of this stuff. The engines were V-12 Diesels made by
> Daimler-Benz specifically for airship use.

> John Meyer

Wha...? Wait a sec here...

I could easily see BLAUGAS being used in spark-ignition engines of pre-WWII
vintage, but direct-to-combustion chamber gaseous fuel injection for a true
(compression ignition) diesel is still a technological challenge even today!
Injecting a metered dose of incompressible fluid into the high-pressure
envioronment of a combustion chamber is relatively easy. Not so with a gas.
A gaseous fuel can be easily metered into the intake plumbing of a spark
ignition engine, on the other hand.

Are you SURE that the BLAUGAS-burning engines were diesels? If so, I'm VERY
surprised, and would want to read all about them- including reliability issues
with a gaseous fuel injection system

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