Re: Diesel aircraft engines

From: (Usher Kuperman)
Organization: GNN
Date:         07 Sep 96 17:09:08 
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In article <airliners.1996.1764@ohare.Chicago.COM> John Meyer
>>   I went to Lakehurst to see the arrival of the Graf Zeppelin on its
>> first transatlantic crossing.  What a traffic jam there was getting
>> back to Philadelphia that evening!

>What I wouldn't give to see what you have seen! I wish one of these
>billionares with time on his hands would take a serious interest in
>rigid airships....Richard Branson, are you listening??

I remember hearing a few years ago that Westinghouse was going
to build a new modern dirigible in Lakehurst's Hangar One (the
Hindenburg hangar). Does anyone know about the status of this
I happen to live in Lakewood NJ about 10 miles from Lakehurst
and I'd love to see this fly.

Usher Kuperman