Temperature and takeoff roll

From:         Brian Harding <Brian@bfh.mv.com>
Organization: Brian Harding
Date:         10 Jan 96 02:01:42 
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I posted the following question in Rec.Aviation.Misc. and got real
general responses about temperature affecting performance etc. Could
anyone here give any more specific info? Like how MUCH shorter the
takeoff roll would would be at 0 deg. compared to 60 deg. in a heavy

Federal Express has started flying an Airbus A310 out of MHT
(Manchester, NH). I went over to the airport last night after work to
see it depart and was surprised at how quickly it got off the ground,
which leads to a question I have always had about outside temperature
and takeoff roll. It was about 0 deg. F at the time of departure. How
much of an effect does the temp. have on takeoff roll? Is the
difference between 0 deg. and say 60 deg. NOTICEABLE to the flight

Brian F. Harding                                      brian@bfh.mv.com
Milford, NH USA