Re: 737 fuel tank explosion?

From:         Reid Fairburn <>
Date:         07 Sep 96 17:09:07 
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At 01:16 AM 9/3/96, Peter Mellor wrote:
>Somebody posted this to me. Anyone know anything about it?
>> I read an ADREP
>> report of about a year ago saying a 737's central fuel tank exploded
>> (on the ground, no casualties) due to a faulty switch in the tank.
>> Has anybody ventured anything on this as a possibility, however remote?

>==Pete:  This happened to a Phillipine Airlines 737-300 while it was
preparing to leave the gate.  There had been some maintenance done to the
centerline pumps not long before this happened.  I am not sure that the
actual cause was ever determined...if so I have not heard it.

This is not a likely scenario for the TWA accident.

Reid Fairburn
Creative Kingdom, Inc.