Re: SST development

From: (John Wolter)
Organization: NASA Lewis Research Center
Date:         07 Sep 96 17:09:06 
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Chris Stone <> wrote:
>On an interesting note, I read in "Finansovaya Izvestiia," the Russian
>version of the Financial Times, that Boeing and the Tupolev design bureau
>are cooperating on building a next-generation SST.  Any comments or
>further info on this project?

This collaboration is taking place as part of the High Speed Research
Project, a joint NASA/industry project to put the technology in place
so that the US Aeropropulsion industry can play a major part in the
development of a future High Speed Civil Transport.

The Tupolev connection is a series of propulsion experiments being
performed on a TU-144 aircraft.  There is more info on the HSR
Propulsion Project Office webpage:

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