Boeing 767 incident

From: (Eric Thomas)
Organization: The National Capital FreeNet
Date:         08 Feb 96 03:21:09 
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I just heard on the radio an interesting story concerning a Canadian
airlines Boeing 767.  Apparently last night (Jan. 29), at Pearson
International airport in Toronto, Canada, the Boeing 767 was parked at its
landing gate, and suddenly a strong wind gust hit the plane such that the
plane rotated some 90 degrees, and nearly hit a British Airways 747.  The
report stated that the wind lifted the plane by its wings, causing it to

In cases when there is lots of gusty wind outside, are there any tie-down
or other proceedures for making sure that these larger 'parked' planes don't
accidentally move around?

Just curious....

Eric Thomas
Ottawa, Ont. Canada