Re: Engine fire extinguishers... do they exist?

From: (Paul Kearney)
Organization: Ireland On-Line
Date:         07 Sep 96 17:09:05 
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Erico Oller Westerberg <> wrote:

: Re: Engine fire they exist?

: Could anyone tell me if there are any fire extinguishers mounted
: inside or close to the engines in modern airliners?

Depends on the aircraft in question.  Some have the 'bottles' near the
engine or some have the 'bottles' in the wing roots or cargo-area-walls.
For example the Boeing 737 has 2 main bottles located in the main Wheel
Well(s) which have pipes running out to both engines.  The APU at the rear
has ( i think ) 2 bottles which are smaller than the other main ones.
The same with the older 747's, they're in the cargo area.  On some
rear-engined aircraft the bottles are in the rear of the tail cone or in
the mount-fairing that is between the fuselage and the engine.

: If there are
: any - how do they work?

The Bottle has a diaphram at its neck which holds the pressurised gas in
it.  When the pilot or ground engineer triggers a bottle he/she literlally
blows this diaphram apart using a small squib and the gas runs along the
pipes ( which are automatically selected by the firing process) and around
the engine to hopefully suffocate the fire. If it doesnt go out on the
first trigger, you normally have one more go but when you have a fire in
an engine its time to find an airport fast !

:Any special gas, different to those used
: in regular fire extinguishers?

I gather that CFCs are used.  Halon is I think one that is used which is
also used in the common or garden variety of extinguishers.  Recycling
machines are on the market when these bottles are being serviced.  One
that I Know of is known as HAL and is available worldwide - Designed in
Ireland and Patented Worldwide.