Is there a Halon shortage yet?

Organization: Sierra-Net
Date:         07 Sep 96 17:09:04 
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I've been following the engine fire extinguisher thread, and it reminded
me that my company, and maybe a lot of others, may want to sell some Halon
some time in the future.

I helped design a large computer center in 1989.  Even though we knew at
that time that Halon was to be outlawed (it's about the most ozone-layer
destructive CFC), the local fire marshall required us to build in a Halon
fire suppression system.

As a consolation, I had hoped that the airline industry would want to buy
our Halon (no fires so far, knock on wood).  It's a lot easier for us to
redesign our fire suppression system than it is to modify an airliner
designed for Halon.  It would be better to be paid for our old, valuable
Halon before it is discharged, so we could then modify and recharge with
whatever is legal these days.

Do any of you in the air transport industry know what the outlook is for
Halon supplies?