Airliner 1/4 mile ETs and MPH?? :-)

From: (Ed Treijs)
Date:         07 Sep 96 17:09:04 
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I originally posted this in misc.transport.air-industry, but it was suggested
I redirect it here.

 ET> A long time ago, I read a Car and Driver (or some other mag) article
 ET> where they tested a Corvette ZR-1 against a WWII P52 Mustang.  The
 ET> Mustang just plain outaccelerated the ZR-1, even in the quarter mile.

 ET> I'm wondering if anyone has any "drag racing" times for
 ET> airplanes--let's talk commercial, from turboprop commuter specials to
 ET> whatever the "fastest" jet (I assume it would be a jet) is.  Yeah,
 ET> jet fighters might be able to hit 70,000 feet 3:42 after starting
 ET> takeoff roll, but that's not quite in the ballpark.

 ET> The way I see it, most jetliners are a bit sluggish off the mark, but
 ET> contine to *improve* their acceleration as they go.  The 60' times
 ET> would be unimpressive, but once it gets going....  :-)

 ET> Being a warm night, I stopped by Pearson International and hung out
 ET> at the end of a runway.  A Royal (whazzat?) 727 actually locked its
 ET> brakes on, and ran the engines up to full thrust, and sat there for a
 ET> couple of seconds before starting to roll (kinda "brake torqueing",
 ET> eh).  Man, that thing was loud!  Kinda weird that the plane
 ET> waited....them 727s aren't intercontinental planes, but hey it did
 ET> seem to take a loooong ways to get airborne.  The really strange
 ET> (worrisome?) thing was that another plane was about to land on the
 ET> same runway.  I would guess that the next flight touched down 15-30
 ET> seconds after the Royal plane had lifted off.  Seemed *very* close
 ET> timing to me.

 ET> Ed (airplanes are not my specialty) Treijs