Re[2]: Can't use GPS on Alaska Airlines

From:         "Peter Mchugh" <>
Date:         07 Sep 96 17:09:02 
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     It is true that most of the evidence about RMI from personal
     electronic devices (PED) carried on board is anecdotal, but most
     originates from flight crews who were able to eliminate random
     perturbations in navigation and communitions equipment by having a
     passenger turn off the offendiong device...The RTCA has special
     committee work on the subject and fairly extensive testing has been
     done...not all conclusive, but not yet (IMHO) able to dispell the

     And as for immunity of modern avionics and flight management and
     control systems to "high-powered radio transmitters"...does anyone
     remember reports of military aircraft (fly-by-wire) flight control
     problems occurring in the vicinity of the Radio Free Europe
     transmitter/antenna in Germany in the early eighties????

     Better safe than scoff.....?

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Subject: Re: Can't use GPS on Alaska Airlines
Author: at smtpgate
Date:    9/3/96 1:16 AM

Robert Moore wrote:
> One of the worst airline midair accidents was caused by a passenger playing
> his portable FM receiver during flight. (snip)

Please identify the accident and the circumstances.

It seems incomprehensible that aircraft avionics that MUST frequently
fly over high-powered radio transmitters could be so suceptible to stray
onboard RF.  My understanding is that the restrictions on in-flight use
of electronic devices is based entirely on unsubstantiated anecdotal