Re: A3XX vs B747-600 (was: Airbus lawsuit coming?)

From:         Michael Page <>
Organization: Department of Mathematics, Monash University
Date:         07 Sep 96 17:09:02 
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M Carling wrote:
> kls@ohare.Chicago.COM (Karl Swartz) wrote:
> >I think it's more likely to see a trick like UA's ORD-HKG non-stop,
> >which is limited to only 260 pax to keep the weight down -- fly
> >a 747-500X SYD-LHR but don't sell all the seats.  With a light
> >load, perhaps the -500X can do it.
> Since an empty 747-400 has flown LHR-SYD nonstop, clearly a 747-500X
> could fly the route with some pax. Perhaps enough to be profitable,
> perhaps not.

Aside from the technical side of whether any plane could fly LHR-SYD
(or LHR-MEL in my case) with more than a cricket ball, there would
also need to be some consideration of whether any of the sardines
would want to fly that distance non-stop.  I've done that trip more
times than I care to count and to be quite honest I really welcome
having a single stopover of a couple of hours at Bangkok and Singapore,
to give me a chance to get out and walk around a bit.

Admittedly, one stop is better than two, but it doesn't necessarily
follow that non-stop is better again.  Given the choice, this little
black duck would rather take a 23-hour flight with a two-hour stopover
(and fresh food too) than suffer a 21-hour `prison sentence' in a
sardine can.

Of course, if they built a plane that could fly 10% faster ...


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