777 engine imbalance (Business Week, 1/29)

From:         rat1@crux3.cit.cornell.edu (Ryan A. Tam)
Organization: Cornell University
Date:         08 Feb 96 03:21:08 
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The January 29th issue of Business Week has a pretty long article
on how the FAA certified the 777 without properly looking into
the issue of individual blade failures in the new engines.
If I recall correctly, the article says that if one or more of the
blades fails during flight, it would cause severe vibrations
throughout the aircraft.  This would make instrument displays in the
cockpit unreadable, and potentially severely injure the passengers.

Are thse allegations as serious as the magazine make them out to be?
It talks about a 1993 incident where a Cathay Pacific 747 almost made
a water ditching after such a blade separation...

-Ryan Tam [rat1@cornell.edu]