NTSB to recommend changes to 757, 737

From:         John Harvie <John_Harvie@firefly.net>
Date:         07 Sep 96 17:09:00 
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A story in today's Wall St. Journal reports that the NTSB is readying
recommendations for safety changes to the 757 and 737. These changes,
briefly, involve "equipment and pilot training," mentioning only "advanced
ground collision avoidance systems" as the equipment change for the 757 (in
response to the AA757 crash near Cali, Colombia). The 737 changes were not
specified except to say that they are "separate" from the changes to the 757.

What they don't address is if changes are going to be made to the flight
control user interface, i.e., what will the plane do if an
incomplete/ambiguous command sequence is entered, which is what an earlier
news story said caused the Cali crash. Argument here is that default should
always be no action, and I would add that specific feedback indicating the
command failed should also be given. Anyone who knows more about the UI
issue, please post or email me, as I have missed whatever detailed followup
coverage there may have been.


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