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Date:         03 Sep 96 01:17:01 
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SL>> >The Hindenburg (and I think the other Zepplins) had diesel
SL>> >engines specifically designed for aviation uses.

The Grafzepplin I the Hindenberg and the Grafzeplin II had V-12 diesels.
When the Hindenberg crashed in NJ. The German government tried
unsuccessfully to have the wreckage guarded to keep their engine design
a secret. The American government would have nothing to do with this.
(We were the ones who wouldn't sell any Helium to ol' Adolph) The
engines turned out to be light weight but nothing amazing. I have heard
that the Hindenberg had a passenger load of 91 with Hydrogen and would
have had a load of 41 with Helium. I guess they figured to play the odds
on hydrogen.
   Maybe thats why the airline companies don't use engines that run on
JP-7. You can throw a match into it and it will not ignite. Any thoughts
on this?


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