Re: Diesel aircraft engines

From:         "P. Wezeman" <>
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Date:         03 Sep 96 01:17:00 
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On 18 Aug 1996, Gerard Foley wrote:

>   The Germans, of course, built the only rigid dirigibles (save one,
> R101) did not suffer an inflight structural failure.  The Los
> Angeles flew ok with helium, but maybe it was designed for it.
>   If people on the thread don't remember, Nevile Shute (Norway)
> was one of the design team for R101 and in a book on it insisted
> it was done right.  It didn't have much chance to prove it.
>   I went to Lakehurst to see the arrival of the Graf Zeppelin on its
> first transatlantic crossing.  What a traffic jam there was getting
> back to Philadelphia that evening!
   Nevile Shute Norway worked on the R100. R101 was a competing airship
to the same specifications built by the Royal Aircraft Establishment,
a government organization somewhat similar to our N.A.C.A. At the time,
the two craft were sometimes referred to as the capitalist airship and
the socialist one. Mr. Norway's autobiography is very illuminating about
the subtleties of government-industry relationships and how the British
government's decision to build an airship for itself contributed to the
R101 disaster.

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