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Date:         03 Sep 96 01:17:00 
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(WELDFISH) wrote:

> Group;
> Wern't the Junkers "Jumo" aeroengines of WWII diesel? (....and if not the
> Jumo, there was a Junkers diesel....
> And props are not for boats. Proper boatmen call props"wheels"...
> Tony Sebastian

       I remember reading about diesel engines being used on one or two of
       the bigger Bloom and Voss flying boats (does BV 141 sound correct to

       Anyway, my understanding was that the engines came out closer to the
       end of WWII and that they (and the planes) never saw action. The larger
       BV's were being designed and readied for dual (military and civilian)
       use and that Lufthansa was interested in these things in a post-war
       era. (Never could find any specifics on these aircraft/engines -- must
       not be looking in the right places.)

       One book that comes to mind is titled something to the effect, _Missing
       Paperclips_, or _Vanishing Paperclips_, the author is either Amtmann or
       Altmann. In it the author talks about his work in the BV factory, he
       himself is/was a "aero-engineer-designer" and came to the U.S. as part
       of Project Paperclip, wherein Nazi and German scientists were brought
       over and worked in various U.S. aircraft/spacecraft industries and
       projects. I remember reading this book in high school a few years back
       and recall the author mentioning the diesel engines and being very
       proud of the achievment.

       Sorry I can't provide more specific referrences.