Re: Jet Engine Containment/GE90

From: (H Andrew Chuang)
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Date:         03 Sep 96 01:16:59 
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In article <airliners.1996.1710@ohare.Chicago.COM> MeyerTed ( wrote:


> First, the GE90 does not have "a much heavier fan blade."  These
> blades are made of composite materials and, although they are
> dimensionally larger, are about the same weight or lighter than
> those of our competitors.


I believe this statement is false.  The weight per unit volume of
the GE90 composite fan blade is no doubt lighter than the titanium
fan blade of either the PW4000 and the Trent 800.  However, being
at least 20% larger in area and having a metal leading edge guard, I
believe the GE90 fan blade is heavier than that of your competitors.