Re: Engine fire extinguishers... do they exist?

From:         James Buongiovanni <>
Organization: Good John's Shaperite Concepts
Date:         03 Sep 96 01:16:57 
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Erico Oller Westerberg wrote:
> Could anyone tell me if there are any fire extinguishers mounted
> inside or close to the engines in modern airliners? If there are
> any - how do they work? Any special gas, different to those used
> in regular fire extinguishers?

 Yes, I know that on DC-9/80 series the fire bottles are mounted in the
 tail compt.  area. There are two bottles total, and they are full of
Halon. They are activated from the cockpit "T" handles that send a voltage
to the squib. The squib shoots a 45 caliber slug through the opening and
the gas runs to the engine for that squib.