Re: Engine fire extinguishers... do they exist?

From: (Paul Kearney)
Organization: Ireland On-Line
Date:         03 Sep 96 01:16:56 
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Erico Oller Westerberg ( wrote:
: Re: Engine fire they exist?
: Could anyone tell me if there are any fire extinguishers mounted
: inside or close to the engines in modern airliners? If there are
: any - how do they work? Any special gas, different to those used
: in regular fire extinguishers?

Known as fire-bottles.
and depending on the aircraft , you may have upto 8 bottles.
Again depending on the aircraft , some are mounted on the engine strut(s)
or some are mounted in the wing roots/main-wheel-wells.
for aircraft with engines at the rear , i expect that they are
mounted in the tail cone , probably either side of the rear stairwell.
dont forget the apu also has one and of course the cargo bays too.

when triggered , they surround the engine with an extinguishing gas
allegedly 'freon' is used in some - exactly i dont know the name(s)
i gather that these gases are cfc's of which freon is a member,
but i know what its like to see one being fired!

the gas is fired AROUND the engine and not into the engine.

the actual triggering is done by the twisting of a handle in the cockpit.

Spanner ? What Spanner ?