Re: MD-80: Lawn Dart or Efficient Design?

From: (Tim Takahashi)
Organization: University of Rochester, School of Engineering
Date:         03 Sep 96 01:16:55 
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Alecs Bains <> wrote:
>I service MD-80
>aircraft on a regular basis and from a ramp standpoint the MD-80 is not one
>of the most liked airplanes in the sky. It is very difficult to load when
>Pax loads are high due to small baggage compartments and it is very very
>tail heavy.

The MD-80/90/95/DC-9 family is the extreme example of how far
a basic airframe configuration can be stretched. It seems you've
noticed some of the deficiencies of such a configuration.
However, the configuration has the advantage of having a clean
wing... and this should have some real benefit in terms of
reducing pylon/nacelle related induced drag. If nothing else,
it is an easier wing to optimize.

What's the fuel economy like on a MD-80/90? Better or worse than
a equivalent 737? (or 727? given the length of the MD-90)