Re: A3XX vs B747-600 (was: Airbus lawsuit coming?)

From:         "McElravy" <>
Date:         03 Sep 96 01:16:53 
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> The large-diameter-fuselage A-3XXX may open up previously unidentified
> possibilities for economical air freight currently not addressed by the
> 747-400 (and even the 747-X with no improvement in fuselage diameter).

I doubt it. Take a look at the picture of the A3XX on the Airbus
web page ( The nose design is basically like a 2 story
A340, rather than the C-5A style hinged nose of the 747. This would make
loading large cargo very difficult, much like in other pax-to-cargo
airliners (large doors in side). Presumably, Airbus could design a side
hinged door like in the Beluga, but that would result in decreased cargo
capacity and would require more space on either side at the loading dock.
With no hinged nose, Airbus would end up with a really big parcel
freighter. Besides, the largest Antanov has a larger cargo capacity than
the 747 and we don't see many of those around.

							Evan McElravy