Refueling frequency

From: (Jean-Francois Mezei)
Organization: DECUServe
Date:         08 Feb 96 03:21:06 
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When operating a commuter style operation (many short hops in a day), how
often is a plane refueled ?

For instance, if you run a 737 size aircraft, will it be refueled at every
station it lands, every second one ? (Assuming 1 hour hops).

Does refueling severely reduce plane turn around time or can it be safely done
while other operations are going on (luggage loading/unloading, catering
load/unload, passenger load/unload) ?

Does refueling cost more in manpower/service costs than carrying a full load of
fuel that saves you a refueling at an intermediate stop ? (eg: Depart A with
enough fuel for A->B and B->C, so you don't have to refuel at B, but must carry
the B->C fuel on the A->B leg.)