Re: A3XX vs B747-600 (was: Airbus lawsuit coming?)

From:         "P. Wezeman" <>
Organization: The University of Iowa
Date:         03 Sep 96 01:16:51 
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On 23 Aug 1996, don shifris wrote:

> I think there is one other potential problem with A3XX. Engines. New engines
> have become very very expensive. So painful that traditionally enemies like
> GE/Pratt have been forced to team. I have to wonder how enthusiastic any of
> the engine makers would be if A3XX requires an all new engine. Big expense,
> quesitonable market, and the engine makers are all private companies, they
> don't get Government handouts to fund the R&D.
   As the A3XX will be substantially bigger than the B747-500 and 600, I
would think that one or more of the B777 engines would be a reasonable match.
If this would be too much thrust, they could use two B777 engines inboard
and two B747-600 engines outboard. According to Aviation Week, such a
two-engine scheme was proposed by the engine makers for the B747-600 and
deemed workable, but Boing insisted on all-new engines of intermediate
size. If the builders refuse to do the same for the A3XX, this option
would be available for Airbus.

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