Re: MD-80: Lawn Dart or Efficient Design?

From:         "Alecs Bains" <>
Organization: Netcom Canada
Date:         23 Aug 96 13:45:06 
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John M. Hunt <> wrote in article
> >I've had MD-80 pilots for an airline that will remain nameless say that
> >under certain c/g conditions, they run out of elevator up-trim on final
> >approach.  As a result, they have to physically horse the nose up for
> >flare, such as it is.
> Interesting.  Have you heard any similar stories of inadequate
> nose-down available trim?
>I am currently working on my Commercial Pilot licence but I also work as a
ramp serviceman for a large company in Vancouver, B.C.. I service MD-80
aircraft on a regular basis and from a ramp standpoint the MD-80 is not one
of the most liked airplanes in the sky. It is very difficult to load when
Pax loads are high due to small baggage compartments and it is very very
tail heavy. When towing and pushing out EXTREME caution must be used as
abrupt accelerating or braking action will make the aircraft bob up and
down violently. Also it has a critical problem. In any weather from -5c -
15c the wings must be checked for ice due to a clear icing problem. This is
caused by a cold soaking problem when fuel is in the tanks after flight. It
is the only aircraft that needs to be de - iced in the summer. This is
almost comical. On a positive note however I must admit that rarely if ever
have I ever seen a mechanical delay to an Md-80.


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