Re: A3XX vs B747-600 (was: Airbus lawsuit coming?)

From: (M Carling)
Organization: Merrill Lynch
Date:         23 Aug 96 13:44:59 
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  or MIME structure (H Andrew Chuang) wrote:
>      Will Boeing also launch the B757-200X and/or -300X at Farnborough?

It is my understanding that only charters are interested in a B757-300X, and
that not enough would be ordered to justify the required R&D.

>      Last year, airlines seemed to be very interested in the B777-100X.
>      Now, it seems airlines are not too keen on this plane.

BA and Qantas would love to fly SYD-LHR nonstop, and the B747-500X appears to
have insufficient range to do so with a full payload. Perhaps a 777-100X
could be built to fly the 10500mi between Sydney and London.

>      Even Airbus
>      can no longer keep Air Canada interested in the A340-8000.  Thus, I
>      think the B777-100X and the A340-8000 are unlikely to take off any
>      time soon.  Nevertheless, Boeing may need either the B777-100X and/
>      or the B767-400X to fill the gap between the B767-300 and the
>      B777-200.

Boeing decided to build the B777 because airlines rejected every Boeing
proposal for a B767-400X. If Boeing builds a plane larger than the B767-300
and smaller than the B777-200, it will be the B777-100X.

>       Is the ultra-long-range B777-200X imminent?

A B777-200X with greater range than the B777-200IGW any time soon? I doubt

M Carling