Re: Inert Gas In Fuel Tanks

From:         "Dave Starr" <>
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Date:         23 Aug 96 13:44:56 
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Thanks for that C-17 info, Jeremey.  I wasn't aware that anything tht
modern was using an inert gas system.  It's interesting to note that a
number of modern AF aircraft,  notably many C-130E and H's, use blocks of
reticulated poylurethane foam to completelly fill the tankage space.  Fuel
fills the voids between the foam, when fuel is used, the foam takes up
enough of the ullage (air space above the fuel) to make the fuel air
mixture too rich to explode.  I've seen tapes of actual tests with tracer
ammunition fired into foam-filled drop tanks and it's a very effective
technique against explosion.  Takes up about 7% to 10% of the available
tankage, though, and is a b*tch to work with when tank entry is required.