Re: Inert Gas In Fuel Tanks

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Date:         18 Aug 96 20:13:37 
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"P. Wezeman" <> wrote:

>    Are inert gases used in the fuel tanks of any present aircraft?
> Was such a system used on any gasoline fueled aircraft in the past,
> or perhaps experimented with in World War 2 to protect aircraft from
> gunfire? Anyone see problems with this in planes? I suspect that a
> supply of nitrogen or CO2 carried on board would work better than
> exhaust gas.

Regarding WWII aircraft, the Soviet IL-2 Sturmovik and American F4U
Corsair (early models only) used exhaust gases to inert the fuel tank
ullage.  Everything that I've read indicates that it worked successfully.

I don't know of its application on modern aircraft.

You may want to read Robert Ball's "Fundamentals of Aircraft Combat
Survivability Analysis and Design" for more info on fuel tank inerting.
It's an AIAA text.