Re: Inert Gas In Fuel Tanks

From: (David Lesher)
Organization: NRK Clinic for habitual NetNews Abusers - Beltway Annex
Date:         18 Aug 96 20:13:37 
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"P. Wezeman" <> writes:

>   Are inert gases used in the fuel tanks of any present aircraft?
>Was such a system used on any gasoline fueled aircraft in the past,
>or perhaps experimented with in World War 2 to protect aircraft from
>gunfire? Anyone see problems with this in planes? I suspect that a
>supply of nitrogen or CO2 carried on board would work better than
>exhaust gas.

I recall being told {by the now long-retired refueling system guru of
an airline with a maintenance base at SFO ;-} that there had been
some 60-70's a/c losses that were attributated to static-induced
fuel explosions. There was a great deal of gov't pressure to
impliment such, but then other causes were found..

It would indeed be trivial to impliment such with on-board N2/CO2.
Simply remove all the seats & px to compensate for the massive
additional weight.

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