Re: MD-80: Lawn Dart or Efficient Design?

From: (Cole Pierce)
Organization: MDSSC
Date:         18 Aug 96 20:13:35 
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>I've had MD-80 pilots for an airline that will remain nameless say that
>under certain c/g conditions, they run out of elevator up-trim on final
>approach.  As a result, they have to physically horse the nose up for
>the flare, such as it is.

I don't know of ANY pilot who 'horses the nose up for the flare.'  And
yes, I've found a lot of nose up trim on roll-out, but I've never 'run
out' of it.  Would sure be a helluva forward c.g.

>I had a retired pilot tell me a similar story, plus he said that the MD-80
>"just didn't feel good" to fly.

I think the MD-80 feels very good to fly.  It's not an F-4 or an F-8, and
I would like a little better speed stability in the dirty configuration,
but other than that, it flies great for a big plane.

Aside: how many of those other posts on MD-80 accidents were pilot error?
The Northwest/Detroit for sure, and probably the LaGuardia abort, altho
that one leaves a few unanswered questions.  The rest?

gun one
MD-80 driver
usn (ret)