Re: More radial engine talk...

From: (Tim Russell)
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Date:         11 Aug 96 00:03:59 
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On 05 Aug 96 23:32:58 , Steve Lacker <> wrote:

>Recently, we discussed the turbo-compound radials of the '50s as used in
>On the other hand, almost every time I've talked to 'Yellow Rose' crew members,
>there is a sad story of trying to find yet another rebuildable Wright R-2600,
>or having a freshly rebuilt engine on the wing but not performing well at all
>(freauently, the nacelle is open and tinkerings are occurring at the show
>itself). In practice, were the R-2600's that much more trouble prone, or is it
>just that there are fewer Wright's left around today? Flipping through Janes,
>it looks like the 2800 was a far more common choice for airliners than was the
>2600, so 2800 parts are probably more common.

 Can someone point me in the direction of where I can find some
information on how the cartrage starting systems worked on radial
engines. I also would like to know about compressed air starters used
on some radials.