Re: barrel roll in 727 ?!!

From: (John van Veen)
Organization: The Inland Northwest Community Access Network
Date:         08 Aug 96 12:11:47 
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In a previous article, (Mark Ingram) says:
>The aircraft's FDR did confirm the roll and subsequent loss of altitude,
>as described above.  Captain Gibson's cool-headed response to a
>disaster-in-the-making, however, could easily be called heroic.

Captain Gibson did send a letter to Aviation Week telling his side of the
story.  The only parts I remember are:

1) He did the barrel roll to maintain a positive G force in the cabin to
   keep everyone in their seats.
2) It was that positive G force that had everyone at the NTSB so confused.
   It concealed the barrel roll from the FDR.