Re: Jet Engine Containment

From: (Simon Craig)
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Date:         08 Aug 96 12:11:45 
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>Kevlar wrap is provided around the fan case to contain fan blades. It is
>lighter in weight than armour plate but requires a clearance to allow for the
>elastic expansion/contraction of the Kevlar as it catches a blade. I know it
>is used on CF34-3A/B in Canadair RJ/Challenger and on BR710 in Gulfstream
>V/Global Express as well as on some variants of RB 211.

Qantas have the Kevlar rap on it's CF6 powered 767-300s but there is no
Kevlar rap on any of its RB211s (D4s or G2s).  I have seen it on Cathay's
Trent-powered 777.

Simon Craig

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