Re: O'Hare -> Hong Kong Non-Stop

From: (Chris Dahler)
Organization: Internet Global Services, Inc.
Date:         05 Aug 96 23:32:56 
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>I've always wondered why airports don't provide towing service to/from
>the runway. It seems that a lot of fuel is wasted having airplanes taxing
>all over the ground under their own power. Can anybody provide some
>numbers as to how much (in gallons and/or $) this costs?

On the 727, our flight plans include a 500 pound taxi allowance in the
minimum required fuel number.  Sometimes we burn a little less, sometimes a
lot more (get in line at EWR and you can waste 2000 pounds or more!), but
the 500 pound number is a good average.  That's about 75 gallons, give or
take a few.  The cost of jet fuel varies widely depending on where you are:
that could be over $100 or less than $50.  I'd bet the cost of manpower and
equipment that it would take to tow every airplane out to the runway would
at least equal if not exceed this cost.  There's also the damage that you
would do to the engines: jet engines need a little time to warm up before
you run them up to takeoff thrust: if you make a habit of shoving the
throttles up just as soon as you start them, you'll trash them pretty
quick.  They need a few minutes at idle to get everything operating at the
same temperature.