Re: Some Turbofan Questions

From:         Steve Lacker <>
Organization: applied research laboratories
Date:         05 Aug 96 04:21:19 
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Graham Glen <> wrote:
>In article <airliners.1996.1342@ohare.Chicago.COM>, Don Stokes
>Your quite right, I'm sorry I was going from memory rather than
>checking. Series 1 & 2S Comets had Ghosts.
>>I don't believe the preferred engies were Conways -- they didn't turn up
>>until the 707 era.  The RR engines proposed for for the Comet 1 were pure
>>turbojets like the Ghosts; Conways are fans.
>>I'm not sure about the Comet 4; they may have had Conways.
>No, they had Avons as well. Mk 117 (7,300lb st) for the series 2 Comets,
>Mark 502 (10,000lb st) for series 3 and Mark 524 (10,500lb st) for
>series 4. (I did check this time!)

My 1989 issue of "Jane's World Aircraft" lists the Nimrod (military development
of the Comet) as having Spey engines. Were the Nimrods built with Speys, or was
this a re-engining operation?

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