Re: Good book on Jet Engines

From: (Tiffany Tyler)
Organization: PREST- University of Manchester
Date:         05 Aug 96 04:21:19 
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Tony Maddern <> wrote:

>Al Secen wrote:
>> Can anyone recommend a good instructional book (not too detailed)
>> that covers the various types of jet engines?  Something that
>> discusses axial flow, bypass, ramjet, et al.?

>Rolls-Royce Aero Engines (Derby, UK) have put out a very good book
>called "The Jet Engine" which covers all your points but of course
>focusses on R-R products.

You might also look at a book by Edward Constant called "The Turbojet
Revolution" (Johns Hopkins University Press).  It's a very readable
history of jet engines and how they came to be adopted across the
industry.  While it's a "sociology of science"  kind of book, the
technical appendices are easy to follow and very complete.
Particularly for a non-specialist, the book offers good insight into
the industry and the technology.

Regards,  Tiffany Tyler